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About Us

Order Solutions is an award winning customer experience outsourcing company, founded in 1989, that combines deep experience in the restaurant industry and contact centers. Every day, many of the world’s best brands rely on us to help maintain relevance in a disruptive market and build a future-proof business with immediate ROI while improving customer experience.

Our international team of 1,500 highly-skilled global staff deliver personalized experiences, intelligent interactions, and create emotional connections with customers that build unbreakable brand loyalty. We have contact centers in the United States and Philippines.

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World Class Clients

Partnerships that have lasted decades because of amazing results and trusted relationships.

COVID-19 Status:

Adapted Quickly and Running Smoothly

COVID-19 has been one of the biggest  disruptions in our lifetime to businesses globally. We immediately optimized our operations for TSD Global and Order Solutions to make sure that we will always be alongside our clients while running at the same (or better!) efficiency than before.


Our Leadership

Our management is typically hired from within from our growing pool of talent across the globe. Our typical manager has 10-15 years+ experience running contact center operations and/or technology.

“Order Solutions helped us streamline our high volume of off-premise phone orders and increased our order size over 17% in just a few weeks! Thank you so much.”

- National Fast Casual Chain

Patricia Totton

Chief Executive Officer


Anthony Vesho



John Billington

Chief Information Officer


Nick Tubis

Chief Marketing Officer


Steve Lair

Chief Admin. Officer


Matt Miller

Chief Financial Officer


Ann Marie Ebersole

VP Client Services


Adam Bennett

VP Recruiting


Nick Holmes

Client Services Director

Jim Daniels

Client Services Director


Angel Griest

Client Services Director


Russell Schroeder

Director of Business Intel.


Bambie King

Director of Workforce Dev.


Jin Kang

Site Director


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Learn More About Us


Learn about the key differences that make us the unique and clear choice for restaurants that want to massively increase their profits, while also delighting their customers with an amazing off-premise ordering solution.

Our ordering platform SAVES dining customers up to 40% compared to using expensive delivery apps, and GENERATES an increase of over 20% in terms of the average order size for restaurants. This creates massive margins on this additional business. Call us to increase your ROI today!


What Sets Us Apart

Our Leadership

Our management is typically hired from within from our growing pool of talent across the globe. Our typical manager has 10-15 years+ experience running contact center operations and/or restaurants.

Providing An Exceptional Guest Experience

Our goal is to simply make your customers day a little better by creating amazing brand experiences. At TSD Global our mission is reinvent takeout and give your customer such a great experience, that they become customers for life.

Maximizing Revenue Through Experimentation

We understand the key to optimum performance is never ending experimentation. Through our technology and tenured management teams we are constantly testing different up-sell and cross-sell combinations to produce the highest average check size we can to our clients. Through experimentation we our always improving our performance and making things more efficient.


At TSD Global we believe in full transparency and being completely honest with our clients. We invite all of our clients and to come to our contact center sites and meet our agents to establish a family like culture. Our contact center reps love meeting our clients, trying the different menu items, and getting 100% onboard with our clients missions. TSD Global’s goal to become an extension of the brand we partner with and to delight our clients customers

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