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Case Studies

With rising labor costs, increased employee turnover, and soaring food costs, restaurants are in search of an edge to increase profitability while improving their customer experience.

Order Solutions is an award winning customer experience outsourcing company that specializes in working with restaurants. We have been been in business for 30 years and are known as a sales powerhouse in the customer experience industry.

Eating a Meal


Phone Call

Increasing Phone Orders Case Study

How Order Solutions Skyrocketed A Major Restaurant’s Average Phone Order Size Over 30% In Less Than 6 Months

Meat Tacos

Increasing Avg. Order Size Case Study

How Order Solutions Increased a Fast Growing Barbecue Chains Average Order Size by 21% in Under 90 days 

App Screens

Restaurant App

Case Study

A case study on selling a restaurant app through outbound calling.


Results In 45 Days Case Study

How Order Solutions Increased a Major Fast Casual Chain’s Average Order Size by 16% in Under 45 Days

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Learn about the key differences that make us the unique and clear choice for restaurants that want to massively increase their profits, while also delighting their customers with an amazing off-premise ordering solution.

Our ordering platform SAVES dining customers up to 40% compared to using expensive delivery apps, and GENERATES an increase of over 20% in terms of the average order size for restaurants. This creates massive margins on this additional business. Call us to increase your ROI today!

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