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How You Can Improve Your Restaurants Guest Experience By Outsourcing Your Non Core Competencies

Restaurant executives are overlooking a simple way to increase their off premise sales while improving their guest experience.

Restaurants these days have so much going on that they can die a death of a thousand cuts. One way for restaurants to avoid this is by focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing the things that are not their strength.

Restaurants should focus on providing an exceptional customer experience and making amazing food. One function that has been hurting restaurants is phone “to go” orders. What is happening is restaurants try to handle this function internally and they end up loosing a great deal of money in the process.

Restaurants experience spikes in call volume during lunch and dinner and in result the phone starts to ring off the hook. Every missed phone order is a missed business opportunity or missed sales. Some restaurants have thousands of missed phone orders per year and have no idea about it.

On top of that even if a restaurant answers the phone, often the customer experience is terrible. The in house employee’s are multi tasking and can be in a unfriendly mood. Those employees also don’t have skin in the game and aren’t financially incentivized to up-sell on phone orders.

So besides missed phone orders the average takeout order size isn’t living up to its full potential.

One way restaurant chains are increasing their profits and improving their guest experience is by partnering with a centralized restaurant call center.

The question always remains, how do restaurant executives keep up with the evolving market— off premise and dining-in guest experience?

The answer is easy, TSD Global now offers restaurant executives a way to improve the guest experience while increasing your off premise sales.

When guests feel better about their experience at your restaurant, chances are:

  • Restaurant executives will increase their customer retention. The better you make your guests feel, the likelier they will come back to experience high-quality service and food.

  • Word of mouth always gets around town; once people think highly of your restaurant, your volume will increase and so will your profits.

  • By utilizing a restaurant call center, restaurant executives can improve the overall guest experience as each agent is fully focused on handling call-in orders with 100% customer satisfaction and refined up-selling techniques.

  • Restaurant call centers are used to help executives increase their average takeout check by at least 10%

When you optimize your operations by partnering with a restaurant call center, along with the technology that encompasses the department help executives capture data, which can later be leveraged to find trends to advance your restaurant business. 

At TSD Global, we understand that up-selling and digitization is the perfect plan to rake in even more profits.

2019 Restaurant Executives Face Many Challenges In a Fast & Advancing Market Of course, every restaurant owner knows that labor and food are always an expensive price to pay; with wages constantly increasing for the good of the employee, restaurant executives are often faced with many challenges when it comes to bringing in and fulfilling all profits after every bill has been paid.

Envision this scenario, your hostess is usually stuck seating people, running orders, and everything and anything else inside of your restaurant that needs to get done; the hostess may not answer every single incoming call.

When companies miss any call-in order, restaurant owners will lose out on a sale—mission failed. TSD Global restaurant call center agents answer every incoming call; with a zero missed call ratio.

As a restaurant executive, not choosing to integrate a restaurant call center into your business model, means that you may create a lose-lose situation for you, your workers and your guests.

Choosing to upgrade your systems could prove to be a win-win solution for each and every one. 

  • Alleviate the stress from your overworked employees

  • Focus on call-in orders and improve guest experience 

  • Create higher profits with up-selling. Sales agents are positioned to up-sell every ticket order by 17%

  • Noise cancellation headsets (every word is heard)

  • Missed calls are non-existent 

  • Customer service provided to guests over the phone is exceptional and 100% guaranteed

With technology and IOT, the world is advancing, and so is the way we eat out at restaurants. Gone are the days that guests are given sub-par service because restaurant executives didn’t integrate outsourcing a restaurant call center.

Technology is creating a better guest restaurant experience for everyone around. Start by paying attention to all of your unique customers with informational data. Guests should never have to wonder if their favorite take-out restaurant is going to answer their phone call or not. Digitalization has changed the way we work and how guests experience customer service. By outsourcing a restaurant call center, you are doing yourself a favor as an executive and allowing a new avenue of growth to open. Restaurant owners will pour in with new profits from our restaurant call center agents who up-sell ticket orders.

If you are starting to exit your old-fashioned restaurant model and want to upgrade your workflow and guest experience with a restaurant call center, then it is wise that you seek to outsource this department. TSD Global has streamlined a strategy that is helping Fortune 500 companies and their restaurant divisions thrive into the year 2020.


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