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The Functions Of Restaurant Operations That 100% Should Be Outsourced

Have you ever been ‘accidentally’ hung up on when you called into a restaurant to order food to go? When this happens to you, chance are you will order from a different restaurant.

As a restaurant executive you need to figure out which processes you can streamline and outsource to increase your revenue and enhance your guest experience.

What all restaurant executives need to keep in mind is that certain processes are essential to helping your business grow. Let’s face it, these departments often need to be outsourced to specialists.

After all, how would you like to lose out on to go sales just because your in-store employees were to busy serving customers and forgot or ignored answering the phone orders that ring in every second?

An article on points out that, “ fine-dining customers today are hungry for more than just food—they want an experience, and they want it at a good value.” With a restaurant call center, you’ll be able to up-sell items which will add substantial profit to your bottom line. On top of that besides having increased profits, you’ll also have created a better environment for every single guest and employee you hire.

What tends to happen in busy or large restaurants is that employees can frustrated and overwhelmed during peak hours; they may fail to provide their customers with the best customer experience possible.

We may as well come to terms with the fact that Amazon has changed the way customers shop-yes, even for food. These days, calling-in your order is that much more convenient; this trend will continue to advance years down the road. 

Why should you outsource call-in orders to a restaurant call center?

If you’re responsible for a restaurants top line, then you don’t want to miss one single call otherwise its kind of like burning money.

Every time your employee’s don’t go for the up-sell your missing out on unrealized profits.

TSD Global has been able to provide restaurants with call center teams that are effectively trained to persuade guests to order larger food tickets.

If you are not partnering with a phone order specialist than you might want to rethink how you approach your off premise ordering.

Catering and call-in orders are a huge part of restaurants revenue, and can be the easiest component to improve within a restaurants operations. If restaurant executives continue to neglect essential departments that should be integrated and outsourced then revenue numbers are bound to drop significantly.

Keeping financial goals at an upward growth begins with outsourcing essential restaurant operations.

Restaurant call center teams will provide the following services:

  • Never miss one single call-in order

  • Noise-cancellation headphones

  • Up-selling scripts and techniques that add to the customer order and experience

  • Dedicated supervisors and training sessions for call-in as well as catering orders

  • Superior customer service and support 

Once you come to a realization that essential operations need to be given their own department; your restaurant company will be able to see ROI growth that will help your organization acquire more profits, allowing you to continue to grow as a company and an individual.

As it is, there are so many tasks when it comes to owning a restaurant; from paying employees, vendors, ordering the right amount of food, to keeping the fine-dining experience exceptional. Outsource essential positions to the professionals. 

Restaurant operators, need to be workable and have to realize that they need to comply with what people want. After all, customers are not getting any less hungry, in fact, with busier schedules; people need to eat more.

Give your customers a professional and unforgettable experience so they keep craving more and become evangelists for your brand.

Both lines of communication always deserve to be heard—the customer and the restaurant call center agent. At TSD Global, our outsourced restaurant call center agents will make sure the two-way street is always open; ensuring zero missed calls. Our restaurant call center teams are always friendly and excited to be an extension of your brand.

In the year 2019, the population continues to grow, which means hungrier individuals; on top of larger revenues to be made for restaurant owners. 

All restaurant owners who need help strategizing essential food operations in-and-out of your store(s), don’t hesitate to give TSD Global a call. We’ve helped the following chains: Firehouse Subs, Famous Daves, Fridays and many other top restaurants receive increased profits and higher ticket orders.

Click here to learn more information about improving your call-in sales with upselling techniques and never miss a call again.  


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