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World’s Largest Telecommunications Company Awards TSD Global Top Performing Accolades

TSD Global provided hundreds of thousands of hours of support in 2019 for the world’s largest telecommunications company and one of the nation's largest wireless companies. TSD Global oversaw more than 25 different sales, support, and technical programs during 2019, utilizing our global footprint of highly trained telecom representatives. The global telecom giant selected TSD Global as:

  • Overall Vendor of the Year for their TeleSolutions Call Center Program

  • Top Performer in New Sales Revenue

  • Top Performer in Key Performance Indicators

Each award was selected out of multiple vendors. TSD Global rose above some of the largest customer relationship management firms in the world through laser focus commitment to the client and deep and detailed training programs across all products of the world’s largest telecommunications company. Patricia Totton, CEO of TSD Global, commented, “We could not be more proud to win these awards in partnership with the largest telecommunications company, and this is a direct reflection on our team and the commitment they’ve made to execute at the highest level through the coronavirus pandemic and exceed sales and customer satisfaction goals across our platform.” Please contact for inquires or more information on these awards.


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