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How AI and Restaurant Call Centers Are Disrupting Drive Thru’s

Ten years ago a few call centers tried to service large restaurant chains and streamline their drive thru functions, but at that time the technology wasn’t quite there. Now the game has changed.

Restaurant call centers added conversational AI voice bots, and now the quick service restaurant industry is poised for massive disruption. Companies like Order Solutions and Valyant AI have teamed up to attack and dominate the drive thru niche.

Valyant’s patented drive through AI automates the customer ordering process and delivers unprecedented operational efficiencies and is backed by live agents who are trained on a restaurants brand and up-sell on every single order. This combination allows restaurants to save millions of dollars on labor, increase throughput, and increase their average check 20-30%.

On top of that both the AI and live agents integrate directly with your point-of-sale platforms including Aloha, Micros, Brink, Revel and many more options.

This allows our platform to insert orders in under one second, and guarantees no disruptions to your operations. Valyant's world class platform no longer requires any human-in-the-loop and offers the most advanced conversational AI available on the market.

Vaylant’s patented NX-01 hardware integrates directly with your existing headset systems, including the HME ION and EOS platforms and 3M / Par XT1 and G5. Valyant's NX-01 hardware provides our AI a conduit to speak with your customers, all the while allowing your employees to follow the conversation.

Order Solutions has 1,500 virtual order takers in the United States that handle call-in orders for brands like Denny’s, Famous Daves, and many other fast growing chains. Due to COVID-19 there has been a massive shift in consumer behavior and off-premise channels such as drive thru, call ahead, and curbside are absolutely exploding.

Texas Roadhouse, Red Robin, Dominos, and Papa John’s credit focusing on driving off-premise sales as their key to thriving in this new economy.

Brands that haven’t focused on off-premise are getting hammered and taking massive losses because they are having severe capacity issues.

Instead of being greeted by a in-store employe when you pull up to a drive thru window now you will be greeted by an automated intelligent voice bot that is trained on a brand entire menu.

If the customer would prefer to speak to a human then within 5 seconds the order is intercepted by a trained live agent who is 100% focused on that customer and uses consultative up-selling processes to increase the average check.

The average drive thru typically experiences 200-300 orders per day per location. If you do the math and multiply that by 1,000 locations you can quickly see how this new technology solution can easily save restaurants millions on labor while adding tens of millions of dollars in new annual incremental revenue.

The future is very exciting for the quick service restaurant industry and right now it’s the wild wild west. Order Solutions and Valyant plan on focusing on monopolizing the restaurant industry before moving on to other verticals and expanding to digitizing in-house employees.

If you would like to test out automating your drive thru please contact to learn more about our technology solutions.


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