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How Much Does Your Restaurant Care About Its Employees?

The Issue:

Recently, there have been a lot of complaints about employee harassment and other similar issues that restaurants and other types of companies have been dealing with. One of the new products that Order Solutions is rolling out is a centralized employee hotline for restaurants.

Who Qualifies?

This project is geared towards very large restaurant chains or companies that own several locations and have tens of thousands of employees. If a restaurant has that many employees, that's a lot of potential complaints, requests, and issues to deal with on a daily basis.

How Does it Work?

Order Solutions is solving this problem by offering a more cost-effective method to totally take this off restaurants’ plates. Our offshore agents would be fully dedicated and trained to handle any sort of complaint within a restaurant's capacity and would deliver HR functions (as a service) for restaurants. An example could be handling a situation where an employee’s paycheck is inaccurate or other scenarios of the like.

Why Does it Matter?

With the economic downturn and rise in inflation, restaurants are looking for any way to save money on labor, and with Order Solutions’ hundreds of representatives in the Philippines complemented by US Management, we think it's a great product that will get a lot of traction in 2023. Our management team has experience managing hundreds of thousands of hours of customer care per year for companies like AT&T, Sirius XM, DirecTV, and Verizon.

If your company would be interested in a service like this, please reach out via our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!


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