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How QSR’s Can Become More Efficient And Increase Throughput

Traditionally restaurants have faced significant challenges with off premise phone ordering. The reason is because in-store employees tend to get overwhelmed and have a hard time multi-tasking. They spend their shifts in constant stress because the phone is ringing off the hook, and there is a line of complaining customers that want their food. Employee training goes out the window as back-to-back calls come in. Too many of those calls are being missed but when they get answered, the employee is in a bad mood and doesn’t even think about up-selling. Restaurant executives know the key to profitability is increasing average check size while keeping labor or food costs at a constant low. In other words driving incremental revenue is the secret sauce to driving profits.

The Consequences of Missing Phone Orders

20% of orders are still handled via the phone and so restaurant chains are missing out on potentially tens of millions of dollars annually by missing phone orders and not properly up-selling. Attrition skyrockets among in-store employees because of frustration and overwhelm. This leads to having to recruit and hire more employees and start the whole process over again.

The Ultimate System To Streamline Phone Orders

At Order Solutions, we seek to solve the biggest off-premise ordering problems. We have created a new way to handle phone orders for fast casual and quick service restaurants. The way we think about streamlining phone orders is systematizing the entire process and reducing as much human error as possible.

The way we do this is by leveraging best in class technology and talent so that we can increase restaurant partners off premise revenue while lowering their labor costs.

Order Solutions has a 1,500+ trained restaurant call center agents to streamline and up-sell on every single phone order. To date, we’ve helped brands such as Denny’s, Famous Daves, Hooters, TGI Fridays, and Firehouse Subs.

That is the first half of the solution. The way we bring labor costs down even more and bring restaurants an even bigger ROI is by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We have partnered with Interactions who has the best AI solution in the world. We have come together to offer a voice bot that uses conversational AI and completely handle 50 - 80% of phone orders. The best part of our partnership is that we back our AI solutions with live agents who are trained on your brand.

What this does is completely eliminate abandoned calls so that your restaurant never misses a phone order ever again. The technology integrates seamlessly into your POS and performs great even if there is loud background noise from a customer. Our AI solutions can even handle your non-order calls to answer any of your FAQ’s.

We're also able to offer SMS text to order so we can offer restaurants a completely omni-channel customer experience. From sending notifications, to texting directions, or even adding to an order, now you can take full advantage of texting. And, because our platform is responsive and can accurately reply to open-ended messages, conversations are natural and engaging.


If you’re a restaurant executive and your concept experiences high call volume and you know your system is inefficient, you need to do a pilot test with Order Solutions. We are very flexible and can start small to show you how much our solutions incremental revenue we can drive for your brand. If you want to offer a world class customer experience in the restaurant industry you need to meet your customers where they are and that includes voice, SMS, and online ordering.


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