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How Restaurant Call Centers Can Help Increase Your Revenue Fast

Most restaurant executives know that the key to increasing profits is by increasing your average check size. So instead of focusing on driving revenue, you change your focus on how to increase your average check size. At Order Solutions, we have been helping the world's largest restaurant chains increase their average check size by 20-30% by leveraging our restaurant call center operations.

The Easiest Way To Increase Your Average Check Size

There are many different ways to increase a restaurant's average check size but by far the easiest and fastest channel to get results are on your phone orders. 70% of orders are still handled via the phone and the phone allows you to build rapport and a relationship with every one of your customers.

There is a saying that if you want to sell someone something you should focus on be-friending them first. That is exactly what we train all of our reps to do at our restaurant call center. Have you ever had some really good friend and then told another friend about how great the food was after experiencing it? It's an emotional experience and you trust them on their suggestions.

This is a very similar practice to how we train our restaurant call center reps. We have our reps where noise-canceling headset and focus 100% on the person on the other end of the phone. Our reps ask them if they've tried other food items and suggest them to try other items that would go really well with their order. In a way our restaurant call center reps or more like food consultants or experts.

How Restaurants Can Maximize Their Phone Order Revenue

To get started with trying to drive your off-premise sales I would recommend a/b testing different things on your menu and track which items yield the biggest ROI and average check size. If you do this for a few months you can start to gather some incredibly valuable data.

If you would prefer to outsource non-core competencies you can partner with our restaurant call center and we can set up specialized teams that can do this for you so you can increase your throughput and improve your guest experience. You can book an exploratory call with us here.

Why It's Vital To Have An Effective IVR Strategy

Up-selling on your phone orders is important but there is another factor to making this experience seamless and this call routing. An IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is an automated voice attendant that helps route calls to the right place.

The most successful restaurant chains all have an IVR that routes customers to the right place such as call-in orders, curbside, catering, or just general guest relations. If you don't have an IVR in place what can happen is it can greatly slow down your throughput and you can have employees talking to people they shouldn't be.

For example, let's say you have a customer complaint and they are talking to an in-store employee. That customer should not be talking to that in-store employee and should be routed to a guest relations specialist who is in direct lines of communications with corporate.

At Order Solutions, we help all of our new restaurant partners set up and install the IVR for free to make sure we start off our relationship on the right foot. If you would like to learn more about how a restaurant call center can help your brand click here to book a call with us.


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