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The Philippines: A Solution to Labor Issues for Restaurants

US Labor is Expensive

This year, many restaurants across the country struggle with hiring and retaining employees, resulting in a ton of missed sales and revenue. Both franchisees and corporate restaurants are feeling the effect of the labor crisis and are looking for solutions to solve their problems.

The cost to hire someone in the US is higher than ever before. Articles and statistics will say that inflation is up by 8% - 15%; in reality, it's closer to 30% - 40% in the United States. Food costs, labor costs and technology costs are all going up, and this is really hurting profit margins in the restaurant industry.

Call Centers Enter the Scene

Call centers have been utilized to solve these issues for verticals such as telecom, financial services, banking, cable, and TV. OrderSolutions centralizes and streamlines phone orders for large restaurant chains in the BPO industry (business process outsourcing).

Currently, we're seeing a massive trend in restaurant chains deciding to outsource their phone orders to offshore call centers in the Philippines. The Philippines has been a massive resource to help save money on labor costs, improve customer experience, and drive profits for organizations.

The Philippines can save up to 50% - 70% on labor costs compared to the US labor market, presenting itself as the ultimate solution to increasing revenue, capturing missed phone order sales, and improving the overall guest experience. This is because the Philippines is known for being extremely friendly, hardworking, cost effective, and big fans of American culture.

The Philippines is Educated

The agent talent pool in the Philippines is much larger. 60% of Filipino agents are college-educated. The Philippines attrition rate is roughly 50% less than what US agents reflect.

They have more reps and more practice taking phone orders for big chains compared to the US agents, who have much higher attrition and need to go through more training classes.

OrderSolutions ultimately believes that the Philippines is a much better overall solution than the traditional US labor market.

Our Experience

OrderSolutions has operated out of the Philippines for many years and is powering the sales and customer experience teams for some of the most iconic brands in the world. Restaurants are rushing to the opportunity of moving out of the US and are instead moving towards the Philippines to increase profit margins and increase sales.


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