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Increasing Your Average Order Size with OrderSolutions

As a restaurant, knowing your average order size is critical (also known as "average ticket size"). It gives insights on how much food people generally order, and also how much they're willing to spend. You can increase average order size by creating special combos, giving the option to add on extra elements (adding avocado for extra charge), or even up-sell specific items that you're confident the customer would like to pair with their order.

Our restaurant partners have experienced an increased average order size between 15 - 30% through our proven up-selling techniques. We track every call and order that comes through our system, and constantly work to improve our system and up-selling tactics.

By analyzing a restaurant's average order size, we can determine what are the best add-extras to certain food items, and then up-sell additional items that have a high probability of being added to the meal!

If you are interested in seeing what OrderSolutions can do for you, contact us here.


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