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OrderSolutions: The #1 Restaurant Call Center in the USA

OrderSolutions, the #1 restaurant call center in the USA, is working with some of the most iconic restaurant brands across thousands of locations. The benefits of working with OrderSolutions are the centralization of call-in orders and our ability to handle multiple phone orders at the same time. We capture all existing and missing phone order revenue for our clients and create a better customer experience.

Our highly trained agents wear noise cancelling headphones and are solely focused to handling the order without distraction. Agents are also trained to upsell on specific menu items. This includes the upsizing of orders, adding appetizers or sides, pairing the right drink with the meal, or any add-ons that increase the average order. Our Quality Assurance Team listens to every call to make sure that the agents are consistently upselling. Additionally, our Team Leaders are constantly monitoring agents and coaching them on how to provide the best customer experience possible.

There is a very large ROI working with OrderSolutions and we will provide a risk-free pilot test to demonstrate the savings. After launching a pilot test of 10 locations for one of our larger clients, we have now scaled up to 412 official locations and increased their to-go order revenue up to 45%. Pilot testing allows our clients to understand the value they receive at scale.

OrderSolutions is one of the fastest growing restaurant call centers in the country and holds the Center of Excellence Award. If you're interested in increasing your average check size, capturing every phone order, improving the in-store experience, and reducing your labor costs, contact OrderSolutions today to get started.


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