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Why You Should Partner with a Restaurant Call Center in 2022

Restaurants are at Capacity

Currently, the labor market is causing tons of missed sales for restaurants due to companies being unable to hire or retain talent. The phone is ringing off the hook and no one is there to answer (and secure the sale). This is resulting in lower sales, lower profits, and a worse guest experience, which subsequently results in a lower customer lifetime value as well as bad CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores for brands.

Call Centers are the Solution

Restaurant call centers can solve this problem by centralizing and streamlining all of the restaurant’s phone orders. By doing this, restaurants may eliminate missed calls, missed sales, and long hold times. This also improves guest experience by freeing up employees and enabling them to focus more on quality service and face-to-face interactions.

Because of this, even if a restaurant chain only experiences 5 to 10 calls per day per store, it’s well worth leveraging a restaurant call center to make operations more efficient; at scale, this would drive revenue. Restaurant call centers act as an extension of restaurant brands by going through a rigorous 1 to 2 week training program with extensive SLA’s (service level agreements) around abandonment rate, average speed of answer, average check size, and average handle time.

It's More than just Order-taking

A restaurant call center will handle recruiting, training, quality assurance, management, as well as help companies scale by centralizing orders across many locations. This will result in higher CSAT and ESAT (employee satisfaction) scores, meaning that both your guests and employees will be happy. They may tell their friends about their experience and drive the net lifetime value of a brand's customer base.

The Orders are in Good Hands

OrderSolutions has strategically created a process in the Philippines to source amazing English-speakers that understand American culture. To supplement this, OrderSolutions has American trainers and a QA (quality assurance) team that are boots-on-the-ground in the Philippines, educating them on American culture and the more nuanced side of American order-taking.

This is leading to a better experience for restaurants overall: higher CSAT scores, higher sales, and increased profits for both franchisees and corporate restaurants. OrderSolutions suggests that restaurants should test a call center solution in 10 to 50 locations at a time in order to see the incredible return on investment and overall improvement in guest experience.


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