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Finally Introducing a Call Center for Small Restaurant Operators

For a long time, Order Solutions has been focused on enterprise restaurant brands that have over 1000 locations, and we would turn away small restaurant brands, operators, or one-off franchisees that wanted to outsource their phone orders in 2022.

Order Solutions will be offering a small, turnkey outsourcing phone system for small restaurants. Restaurants will only have to pay for talk minutes per month, similar to an answering service.

2 Plans Suited for Your Restaurant's Needs

One plan will contain up to 5,000 minutes for $5,000 per month and will take all of the phone calls out of your multiple restaurant locations. This way, you won’t have to hire multiple part-time employees to cover all the hours necessary to handle those phone calls.

The second plan will have up to 10,000 minutes for $8,000 per month for small businesses that receive a larger amount of phone order traffic. Because of the higher volume of calls, we are able to provide a small discount for this plan!

These plans are excellent for small restaurants that receive an aggregate 1,000 calls per day at their locations.

The first step in how the service would work is by forwarding your phone lines to us. Then, we would provide trained, live agents that could answer all of the phone calls. Not only would they handle calls, but they would also upsell on every order and place the orders into your point of sale system, either through direct point of sale integration or by leveraging your online ordering platform.

If your restaurant is interested in outsourcing phone orders, take advantage of this new opportunity for smaller restaurant businesses and get in touch with us today.


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