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How Conversational AI Voice Bots Can Save Restaurant Chains Millions On Labor Costs

2020 has been a rough year for restaurants. Restaurant executives have faced the biggest challenge of their careers and have had to make huge pivots to adapt to the new shift in consumer behavior. The most successful restaurants chains have focused on driving their takeout and off premise sales.

Over the past few years, pre-covid restaurant executives were completely focused on online ordering and completely dismissed phone orders. That belief has been shattered due to the pandemic. Phone orders have exploded and large chains are receiving 10 million plus annual phone orders.

The top 500 largest restaurant chains' off premise revenue equals tens of millions of dollars per year. Missing phone orders is burning easy money. It is shocking how some of the largest restaurant chains are missing out on millions of dollars of off-premise revenue because their in-store employees aren’t answering the phone and aren’t up-selling effectively.

This problem occurs because in-store employees tend to get overwhelmed when attempting to multi-task and take care of customers inside of their restaurants. This causes at-scale brands miss tens of thousands of phone orders a month.

The Solution To Lower Restaurant Labor Costs By 75%

At Order Solutions we have been focused on solving this problem and previously utilized 1,000+ virtual order takers that streamlined and centralized phone orders for large restaurants. Our call center proved highly effective to drive our restaurant partners revenue $5M - $30M annually because our agents would up-sell in a consultative way and lower the abandon rate significantly.

Now solution 2.0 has arrived. After years of working with restaurants and focusing on solving the phone order problem for restaurants, we pivoted Order Solutions from a restaurant call center to a technology firm that helps restaurants.

Even though our call center solution previously helped save restaurants 30 - 40% on labor costs, we have partnered with Interactions, a restaurant AI technology company with the goal of automating phone orders with AI but still having world class human support.

Order Solutions now has an artificial intelligent voice bot that is conversational and completely streamline 75% of phone orders for fast casual and quick service restaurants. The reason why this is so groundbreaking is because now Order Solutions can save their restaurant partners even more money on labor costs because the solution is eliminating 75% of labor costs.

Why The Voice Bot Is Transforming The Restaurant Industry

Order Solutions voice bot is powered by Interactions patented, and incredibly advanced, Adaptive Understanding™ technology; which blends Artificial Intelligence and human understanding to deliver a superior restaurant ordering technology with enhanced capabilities.

These technologies enable restaurant operators to provide a highly conversational and engaging ordering interface to engage with their guests through any channel.

In addition, we have people available to back up the voice bot when certain utterances need interpreting, but the beauty of the technology is in its ability to pick up most all types of speech and sounds.

The voice bot can tell a person’s level of interaction based on their response times and murmurs. The restaurant voice bot can also tell if someone is crying or laughing.

Order Solutions technology is incredibly advanced and uses speech-recognition technology that requires very little human interpretation, which improves the order automation process and keeps costs down.

Restaurants that partner with Order Solutions can have the best in class AI streamline 75% of their phone orders and the calls are backed by a team of live agents who are trained to up-sell and on the brand.

Restaurants can see an increase in average check between 10 - 35% with the bundled solution of AI and live agents while saving millions of dollars per year at scale.

Order Solutions unique value proposition has always been sales. That is where the big ROI comes in for restaurants. Saving money on labor costs, increasing throughput, and increasing efficiencies is great but increasing your revenue 10% - 25% is even more powerful.

The voice bots integrates into your POS and virtually eliminates all abandoned calls and uses machine learning to optimize for the best up-sells which is even more powerful than the best sales reps trying to predict what up-sell is most likely to succeed.

Automated Voice Re-Orders

The AI voice bot also allows for automatic re-orders from previous customers which also speeds up throughput. The service can saves guests up to 2 minutes on repeat, phone orders.

When a returning guest uses this time-saving, ordering technology, an automated, AI bot details his or her last order and asks if he or she would like to have the same meal again, adjust it, or order something new.

If the guest would like to start a new, customized order, the bot transfers them to an ordering specialist.

The order then integrates into the restaurant’s POS system as simply as it would in person, making the entire process convenient for guests.

Plus, the new order is saved with the Order Solution’s technology to be offered as a repeat meal in the future, which can be placed by simply sending a text.

What’s Next For Order Solutions

Currently Order Solutions bot works best for restaurant chains that have 100+ locations and have a relatively simple menu. For example pizza chains, sub chains, burger chains, are all loving the blend of our technology and live agents.

Order Solutions is investing heavily to be able to roll out their technology solution for restaurants of all sizes from mom and pops to the top 5 world’s largest restaurant chains.


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