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The Restaurant Operator's phone system in 2023

Phone systems can be extremely expensive for restaurants. Over the years, restaurants have been complaining about costly systems like Granite.

Because Order Solutions has been a call center outsourcing provider in the restaurant industry for some time, it has allowed us to get up close and personal with these systems and see all the flaws and how expensive phone lines and VoIP providers can actually be for restaurants.

Order Solutions has decided to expand its offerings from being just a call center to also being a phone system entity in and of itself. Order Solutions is now offering full, complete IVR (Interactive Voice Response) management for restaurant chains for as little as $70 per month per store, which takes all the line management away for restaurants. If you're in the restaurant industry, you know how much time and effort it takes to update these systems for store closures, holidays, or even inclement weather.

Order Solutions will completely handle all IVR management as well as any voice talent requests. We will also bring new voice talent to the table to update your IVRs with new, unique language, which can include highlighting new offers from your brand into the IVR message.

Order Solutions will also hook up your phone system to a live call center operator that can streamline your takeout orders or route your catering calls to a dedicated catering order-taker.

We're combining our call center expertise with our technology expertise and saving restaurants a ton of money compared to paying traditional phone service companies. If you're interested in saving money on your phone lines or reducing the amount of phone lines needed at your restaurant, please get in touch with us today and see if we are a good fit for your business.


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