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Does Your Restaurant Have a Centralized Catering Hotline?

Back in the Office

Catering orders are making a huge comeback going into 2023 because a lot of people are back in the office now. Being back in the office means more catering, and there has already been a large surge in catering demands compared to what we’ve seen in 2020 and 2021.

Catering Orders: How Are They Different?

Companies like EZ Cater have been great resources for businesses that want to place catering orders, but a catering order is much more delicate than a quick takeout or delivery order over the phone.

Catering orders can be up to an hour long; they could have all kinds of modifications, and it's virtually impossible for any voice AI technology to handle that at this point in time. Restaurants need a live representative who’s an absolute specialist on the menu to place catering orders. Some brands have embraced a catering hotline, but most haven't yet.

How Can Order Solutions Help?

We feel like there's a huge opportunity to increase catering sales for restaurants by creating one consolidated place for a guest to call in and place a catering order at any restaurant within the country.

Order Solutions has doubled down on its Philippines operation due to the economic climate, and through requests from restaurants wanting to save money on labor, the Philippines and Guatemala markets can help restaurants save up to 60% on labor and still source amazing English speakers that are very familiar with the restaurant space. Order Solutions is also doubling down its catering efforts going into 2023 and can provide dedicated catering specialists for as little as $13 per hour.

If you're interested in testing out a centralized catering hotline, please get in touch with us today.


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