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Here's Why You Should Consider Using a Restaurant Phone Order System.

Many restaurants already offer customers the option to call in and place an order, but the biggest brands use an optimized restaurant phone order system. This gives their in-store staff the ability to focus on whats going inside of the store while never missing a phone order - how is this possible? How can an employee be helping customers in the restaurant while also on the phone? They're not. In-store employees should solely be focused on in-store needs. These large restaurant brands have set up a phone order system so that either trained professionals or AI (artificial intelligence) take the phone orders and send them to the store. There are many benefits to adopting a restaurant phone order system:

The Benefits of a Restaurant Phone Order System

Phone orders can be a large portion of a restaurants revenue (sometimes over 30%). It's very important that no call goes unanswered, as that is similar to a customer walking into your store, not being served, and walking out. Setting up a system for customers to go through on the phone with either live agents, AI, or even both, will allow your restaurant to capture each and every phone order that comes into your store. This helps increase your revenue immediately, as you are recovering all of those orders that you would have otherwise missed. Some services like OrderSolutions provide Agents / AI with up-selling capabilities, allowing restaurants to increase their average check size even more! See more here about their services.

Due to the nationwide staffing shortage, enormous stress and responsibility has been placed on employees across all industries like never before. Adopting a phone ordering system helps alleviate the amount of tasks and focus that in-store employees must give for secondary responsibilities. Employees can resume their general work-flow and focus on the things they're good at. With a phone ordering system, brands do not have to worry about hiring additional employees. They have trained agents / AI covering their back. It's a great way to counter-attack the current staffing shortage. See one of the top phone ordering systems here.

Restaurants with consistent customers that tend to re-order their previous meal can benefit immensely. Phone order systems are able to record and store previous orders from customers, allowing them to quickly place a re-order. Having a re-order option drastically improves operations and optimization, as it allows your store to wrap up calls faster. Faster calls means more calls, as agents / AI can hop on the next call right away. As a restaurant owner, you and your team will be able to see analytics and insights of your phone orders too (best performing foods, trends, etc.). This gives restaurants the ability to make impactful changes through proven data.

What to Consider When Setting Up a Restaurant Phone Order System

There are a few things you should consider when setting up a restaurant phone order system.

1) You need to figure out how many phone orders you are getting per month / year. This will help you determine if it's worth developing a phone ordering system for your brand.

2) Determine if you would like dedicated order specialists / agents, artificial intelligence, or even both.

3) Request a demonstration from companies offering a phone order system service. OrderSolutions offers a free pilot test for restaurants to get a glimpse of the benefits. Contact them here.


A restaurant phone order system can optimize your operations and significantly boost your revenue. It's a growing trend that many restaurants are moving towards. If you believe that your brand has a large reliance on phone orders, then adopting a phone order system is a must.


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