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Partnering with a Call Center: The Step-by-step Process

Step 1: Phone Analysis

The first step is to see if a restaurant call center is a good fit in the first place. To gauge, we do a free phone analysis, which tracks how many total vs. missed calls occur throughout the day. We also track call arrival patterns, which allows us to understand exactly how to strategically staff in order to eliminate missed calls from a store. Call arrival patterns vary day by day, hour by hour, week by week, and especially during holidays. So, we typically start with a phone analysis (which is free) to figure out if a restaurant call center is worth it for a brand. Will it provide an ROI if we run a phone analysis and see lots of missed calls? Absolutely. A call center will not only make a restaurant more money, but will also virtually pay for itself just from the sheer increased sales and improved guest experience.

Step 2: Pilot Period

After a phone analysis, which lasts four to six weeks, we then typically do a three month pilot at 10 to 50 stores to prove out the model. First, we execute a two week training program between our training department and the restaurants’ learning and development teams to build our own unique training materials that are proprietary for each brand. Once training is complete, agents get on the phone and are monitored by team leaders and operations managers to make sure they’re hitting and driving KPIs and service levels to ensure a significant return on an investment.

Step 3: Scale and Grow

Next, after the three month pilot period, we then build a scaling plan to centralize the phone orders at all of a brand’s stores, and may even work out an agreement that might provide a slight discount on our rates. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your restaurant by filling out the demo form on our website.


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