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The 5 Benefits of Restaurant Call Centers Every Franchisee Needs to Know

What is a restaurant call center and how do restaurants use it?

A restaurant call center is a specialized BPO (business process outsourcing) firm that centralizes and streamlines the phone orders for restaurant chains. This includes catering orders, takeout orders, and even drive through orders. A restaurant call center will eliminate phone calls from going to a restaurant and instead send them to a specialized team that represents your brand and can place orders that will go straight to your restaurant without interrupting your in-store employees.

Why does a restaurant call center make sense?

Currently, restaurants are missing out on sales because they're having a hard time staffing their restaurants, especially during busy lunch and dinner times. The phone is ringing off the hook while restaurants are too busy to answer the phone, and this is leading to missed sale after miss sale. Imagine having an average check size of $20, but every time a phone call is missed, it goes down the drain. And this is happening at any individual restaurant 20-50 times a day. Expanding that, it's happening at thousands of restaurants across the entire organization. Imagine how many missed sales that is a year: $1M, $5M, or even $100M. If all that extra revenue could be captured for an entire chain, just imagine what that would do for the company’s stock price. It would also impact franchisees by enabling them to sell more franchises to restaurants due to average profitability per unit increasing drastically.

The 5 Benefits a Restaurant Call Center Provides:

This is exactly what Order Solutions is experiencing with our partners, and brings us to the 5 primary benefits of working with a call center:

1. Higher profits

2. Better guest experience

3. Happier employees

4. Better attrition

5. Lower hiring costs

The reason for this is because if employees don't have to worry about answering the phone, they can focus more on quality foodservice, will be less overwhelmed by multitasking, and are generally happier with their job and expectations. Throughput increases because they can put all their focus into making food and serving guests inside the restaurant. This can become a strategic advantage to retain talent over competitors and therefore increase profitability because of the savings on recruitment costs.

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