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Why Restaurants Should Have an Inbound Help Desk for Customer Care

In 2023, we're going into a recession. Companies are laying off employees left and right, and food and labor costs have skyrocketed due to inflation. There are people at companies such as McDonald's making $30 an hour, while in the meantime restaurants are looking for ways to save money on labor costs all while trying to focus on improving their guest experience.

Customer Care is Important

The customer care function within a restaurant is just as important as the food they serve; therefore, Order Solutions believes that every restaurant chain should have a centralized help desk for customers to call in to speak to a live representative to handle any sort of billing or other customer care issue they may encounter. This is especially important for customers to feel like they have a voice and are heard by brands.

Recently, Order Solutions has been expanding its product offerings to not just focus on takeout orders, but also to offer the centralized inbound customer care line for chains to streamline customer support. This is largely due to the robust talent pool that Order Solutions has in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the capitals of customer service when it comes to having amazing English-speakers that have a deep understanding of American culture.

Significant Savings on Labor Costs

By centralizing customer support, restaurants can save up to 60% on labor costs compared to hiring internally. For example, if a restaurant chain sets up its own inbound customer service function, the all-in cost with healthcare benefits and infrastructure factored in would be around $28 an hour in the US for a single representative. Meanwhile, the all-in cost with Order Solutions (to accomplish the same thing) would only be around $13 per hour, which is a massive savings for a restaurant (especially in this tough time).

If your restaurant is interested in centralizing its customer support, please get in touch with us today.


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